Covenant of Marriage
Bloom welcomes all opportunities to celebrate covenants of marriage.  Our congregation, our UCC conference, and our General Synod are on record supporting equal marriage rights and efforts to gain and keep those rights.  For information about marriage equality and wedding ceremonies, call Rev. Kev at 760-333-1221 or email

California Prop 8 is Unconstitutional -- 08/04/2010

“Words of Faith” 
The Desert Sun      
by Rev. Kevin A. Johnson

Recently, Palm Springs’ Brian Skelley wrote to The Desert Sun’s editors:  “God's pattern for love is established through His word and His word solidly states that only man and woman can be joined together in holy matrimony.”  With this reference, Mr. Skelley concluded his cautionary letter defending his meaning of love and marriage with assumed points of evidence.  My response to Mr. Skelley: Please show me exactly where they are.

His implication is that a sinister intention is at work in our state, by court action and constitutional amendment (Prop. 8) opposition, to remove marriage from the better intentions of religious tradition.  Actually, that is unfounded fear mongering.  Marriage has improved repeatedly throughout history. 

The Genesis story of Rebecca’s marriage to Isaac recently graced our Sunday scripture readings.  I was interested to note the customs reported and startled to read where the wedding ring was placed – not on a finger but in her nose.  It was not a sign of unending grace and intended fidelity, but a receipt of transferred ownership of the daughter from the father to the new husband as his wife and chattel.  Despite being a scriptural description of marriage practices, I am sure that fair minded and faithful people do not want to return to those standards.

That is why I’m glad to live in California where the sky is still hanging as thousands of same-gender couples wed.  I appreciate knowing several interfaith groups support equal marriage regardless of gender and oppose Prop 8’s marriage amendment.  Specifically, I appreciate the support and leadership of the United Church of Christ (UCC) nationally and statewide.  These Christian bodies – born from pilgrim and reform traditions – are on record endorsing equal marriage regardless of gender.

Southern California-Nevada UCC representatives recently said:  "We support and endorse the efforts of churches, individuals, ad hoc groups and organizations such as Equality for All and Equality California to support the California Supreme Court's decision regarding equal marriage rights and oppose the November 2008 statewide ballot initiative question to define marriage as one man and one woman."

The California Supreme Court did nothing to diminish the continued potential of opposite gender marriage.  No changes were imposed.  No biblically stated mandates against divorce were brought to bear.  Instead the court brought our state’s marriage possibilities in line with our state constitution’s concept of fairness.  

Those possibilities open wide a faithful vision for living authentically and achieving happiness through equal opportunity.  Such values can be associated solidly with the best of intentions for religious faith.


Atlanta, GA, July 4, 2005; UCC delegates in the distance raising their official green voting cards as they overwhelmingly affirm the equal marriage rights resolution. Visitors in the foreground observe while some raise yellow cards in solidarity.

Affirming Equal Marriage Rights

The United Church of Christ General Synod 25, meeeting in Atlanta, Georgia, June 30 through July 5, 2005, passed a resolution brought forth by the Southern California-Nevada Conference affirming equal marriage rights for all persons regardless of gender.  It was a monment of God's grace enabled by evangelical courage as a result of holy conferencing.  For more information and related articles click here.