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Stewardship Pledges Strengthen Our Commmunity and Personal Growth
Linda Lang after Completing a Pride Parade

Linda Lang Speaks About Her Financial Covenant
"What Bloom Means To Me"

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Phyllis on her Birthday 2010
Phyllis Ramsey gives voice to
"Why I give to Bloom."

In the fall of 2007,  I met Kevin through our mutual association with the California Desert Chorale.  Kevin invited me to attend a service at Bloom, and the rest is history.  A year later, I became a member.  You see, I wanted to be certain of my commitment.  During the past two years Bloom has seen me through my parent's declining health and ultimate deaths on Thanksgiving Day, 2008, and also the grave illness of our son this past February.

The addition of Bloom to my cup of blessings -- already full with family, friends and music -- caused it to overflow.  And, because of Bloom's bountiful gifts to me, I experienced a sense of inclusion, joy, understanding and, yes, forgiveness.

As Lou Holtz, former football coach of Notre Dame fame once said, and I paraphrase, "Everyone needs something to do, something to hope for, something to believe in, and someone to love."  I have found all this and more at Bloom.

Although I hold each one of you in my heart, I will limit acknowledgments to:

My husband of almost 53 years, Joe Ramsey.  Thank you for your love, your support, and your patience.

To our revered pastor, Kevin A. Johnson.  For the clarity of your guidance and your friendship.  Thank you.

In conclusion, I share with you the following prayer taken from a recent Still Speaking Daily Devotional:
"Lord God, we are grateful for the immeasurable gift of your church.  Now, please, give us the commitment to make the spiritual and the material investments that are necessary to build and sustain it for Thy glory."


Richard Bentley Setting Up Church
Former Moderator, Richard Bentley gave meaningful voice to
"Why I give to Bloom."

In March 2010 (next year!), We’ll celebrate the 7th anniversary of Bloom’s founding by Kevin and Mike. Over the past few months our membership has grown to over 80 people. As an organization, Bloom is maturing and growing up before our very eyes. 

Recently we launched our annual Stewardship Campaign, asking for your support of next year’s budget. Let me remind you that the generous 3-year UCC grant expires at the end of 2010, making next year a very important transition year for Bloom. We as a congregation need to increase our financial support of Bloom to insure that no programs are cut; to guarantee that we can continue to pay our rent here at the YMCA or elsewhere; and to maintain Kevin’s compensation at current level.


The Fall Season is upon us.  It’s a season of harvest and plenty and thanksgiving. I ask that you consider regular giving to Bloom. Tithing is an expression of proportional giving. In Jewish culture it’s 10%; in Islamic culture it’s 6%; and in Christian scripture, Jesus challenges us to give and to do all we can.

I know that your gifts to Bloom have supported and sustained me. As most of you know, my partner of 33 years died almost 3 years ago. Were it not for your love and support, I would not be standing here before you today. And I hope that my support of Bloom has in some way nurtured and supported you. To those of you who already give regularly to Bloom, let me Thank You for your gift and ask that you find a way to increase your gift for next year. Try to imagine your life without Bloom – try to imagine the impact on our city if Bloom ceased to exist. I ask that you make Bloom a priority in your life. We’ve talked a lot about moving from a pastor-driven to a congregation-driven church. Our financial support of Bloom is a way to walk that talk.


I close with these words of prayer:  Our Heavenly Creator, our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for all your great and good gifts to us. Surely, if any one of us should try to make a list of our blessings, we would be kept very busy simply counting the ones which would come easily to our conscious mind. And there are a multitude of blessings we have all long forgotten. We are truly grateful to you. We ask you to continue your bounties upon us. Grant us physical strength, opportunities for work, experiences of pleasure, and reason for hope. And compel us, by your ruling Spirit, to use all our blessings carefully and in consideration of others’ needs. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Mission Offerings Help Many
Joe, Ann, Kevin, Mike and Harry on Bloom's First Sunday, March 9, 2003
Bloom, Blossom, Celebrate!


Welcoming you....

We are a caring organization learning, singing, praying, volunteering and growing together as we live out God’s love for all persons. We are meeting in the south Palm Springs area as a base of operations. We nurture each other personally and do good works in the community. We are ministers of Jesus Christ in ways that emerge as the living Spirit motivates us. And, as we welcome persons of various spiritual and religious backgrounds, we are centered by a progressive,  inclusive protestant tradition.

We are pleased to offer weekly Sunday morning worship services at 10:00 a.m. The services are “progressive mainline protestant” in structure, fairly traditional and friendly in style. Casual dress welcome.

Our first activity was a 10-week progressive-thinking Bible study group that approached the Bible as a source of life rather than as a weapon – as it has been used against so many. This informal, in-home group started September 18, 2002, with the theme: "The Bible is not a Weapon of Mass Condemnation."  This group was the start of Bloom's  ministry and will always be cherished in our hearts. Since Bible study is an essential in Christian discipleship, new proprams are planned.  Watch for anouncements.

Periodic Book Club groups gather.  So far we studied Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, Openly Gay, Openly Christian, Life of the Beloved and Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism,  God's Politics, Jesus for the Nonreligious, With or Without God, and Zealot.  Why don't you plan to join us for one of these stimulating programs?  Just send me an e-mail or call to register for the next Book Club.

Other areas of ministry will develop as our group develops. Currently we are working with The Well in the Desert to feed, clothe and empower homeless and low-income persons in the desert. We particpate in the Caoachella Valley's pride festival each eyear with an enthusiastic parade contingent.  Our Social Action and Missions Team is actively develping additional programs aimed at making a progressive Christian impact on our communities.

Some additional ideas are on the "Ministries" page, and we are open to more ideas from people like you. So, come on along. Grow with us. And, know that you are loved.

Sincerely in Christ’s adventure,

Rev. Kev

Rev. Kevin A. Johnson, pastor

Come join our circle of life.

Ongoing Participation:

  • Doers make things happen. Do you want to make a difference with Bloom?
  • Leaders bring life to various roles. Will you commit your talents?
  • Donors build this ministry's financial foundation, daily ministries and future sustainability. 

Please tell us how you'd like to participate/donate: 

E-mail or call our office at 760-327-3802.

Office hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10am to 2 pm.  Other meeting times and appointments are available.  Call or email for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!!

Volunteer opportunities, feeding and helping working poor and homeless families and individuals, are available thoughout the week.  Especially making sandwiches on Monday mornings for an hour or two. Call us with your interest.

Living Faith Forums:
  Occasional Sundays, before or after church during the coffee time, we offer a time of learning and sharing in faith.  Sometimes  discussion, sometimes presentation.  Perhaps challenging, never threatening.

Open Leadership Team meetings are scheduled every month.  Call for details. 

Bible Study Groups form for several weeks at a time.
  Read the Bible a book or letter at a time. 
Write to inquire.

Book Study Groups form around specific topics for a few weeks at a time.   Call for more info.

We welcome your participation! You can make a difference in yourself and others. Your God-given talents shared in our caring community of faith will enable us all to Bloom in the Desert.

Please visit the "Contact information" pages and tell us your areas of interest, requests and suggestions. We will follow up with you right away.


"Put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation. For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we wake or sleep we might live with him." --1 Thessalonians 5:8-10