2022 Spring Up for Bloom


Welcome to “SPRING UP FOR BLOOM!”: an online, on-demand, day of giving experience to support the presence and work in our valley and online of Bloom in the Desert Ministries, United Church of Christ.

Today only we are providing special content on this webpage, as we celebrate and showcase the recipients of Bloom’s Community Justice and Compassion Appreciation awards.

For the past 12 years, Bloom has celebrated this season with a “Spring Fling Cabaret and Silent Auction” (Fling). Covid conditions have us pivoting (God willing for the last time) and instead having a day of giving called “Spring Up for Bloom.” This is our way to still honor and share with you some amazing people and the work they do, often unrecognized, to make the world a more gentle and just place for all.

Traditionally Fling is the largest single fundraiser to allow our church to perform the miracle of turning money into mission. Although we could not hold the in-person event this year, the need for funding still exists. Therefore, we humbly ask you to consider joining with others on this day of giving in making a financial donation.

So enjoy our content. Click on the videos. Browse the website, if you wish to learn more about Bloom. And before you go, click on one of the donate buttons.


Paula Durrant

Bloom 8th Community Justice Award Rev. Paula Procter Durrant “Do justly, love kindly and walk humbly” [Micah 6] Love God & Neighbor Matthew

The 2022 Bloom in the Desert Ministry Community Justice Award is being presented to Rev. Paula Procter Durrant. Paula. a lifelong UCC member, has for over 60 years engaged in social justice movements wherever she found herself living. In the early days of Bloom she helped us create our organizational documents. Today she advocates and agitates for peace and justice locally and around the world. It is in her DNA to speak out, act out and get to work when injustice, inhumanity or suffering arise. “Making good trouble” has been a lifelong activity.

From her early years she questioned life, “why and how humans exist, what is it all about, how are we called to live” in this broken world. This questioning began in her confirmation experience - which focused on “right thinking” as a matter of importance. While she could not articulate her discomfort at that time she now knows that learning to be a Christian focused on “orthopraxis”, right action, more than “orthodoxy”, right thinking. Loving God & neighbor, walking justly, loving kindly and humbly were not ideas they were actions and ways of being in the world. Loving neighbors did not mean controlling their thinking, it meant touching and changing their lives, moving them toward healing and wholeness.

Today we are suggesting a donation equivalent to what would have been the cost of the in-person Fling: $80. A special opportunity also exists for you today. Thanks to the generosity of 3 Bloom contributors, the first 15 people who slightly up their donations to $100 will be matched! How wonderful to know your $100 becomes $200 of support for Bloom. We want to be clear that we at Bloom value all donations: there are options using the donation button for financial gifts of any and all amounts.

Photo of Dick Anderson

Bloom Compassion Appreciation Award Dick Anderson

When Bloom catches people doing acts of kindness, we like to recognize their efforts with our Compassion Appreciation Award.

Today we want to recognize one of our Bloom snowbirds, Dick Anderson who comes to us from East Wenatchee WA. Using skills he developed working in the insurance industry and for the Washington State Insurance Commission, Dick voluntarily assists 250-300 people a year in WA and the CV in obtaining Medicare and Medicaid benefits to which they are entitled. Many are low income folks who, without these benefits, would not get medical care they need.

Dick tell us about this program and what moved you to begin this volunteer work.

How do people find you to get assistance?

Some of these process are complicated. What happens when someone needs help getting what they need? What if there is a dispute over a claim, how can you help?

Dick, thanks for your kind and professional service. Bloom is happy to present you with this Compassion Appreciation Award and a cash gift.

Photo of Vincent Corrales “DJ Galaxy”

Vincent Corrales “DJ Galaxy” Compassion Appreciation Award

Bloom in the Desert Ministries proudly presents its Compassion Appreciation Award to Vincent Corrales, one of Palm Springs’ most generous and giving individuals. Popularly known as DJ Galaxy, Vincent brings joy to many public events and celebrations through the gift and artistry of his music. We particularly recognize his thoughtful gifts of food and service to any in need. Many of the ways he contributes are of his own making, simply stepping forward to offer help when he sees an unmet need. He deserves our Compassion Appreciation Award.

Whether at an event, a dance, or from a Palm Springs LGBT Pride stage, DJ Galaxy is there to make people happy with finely curated mixes of music and beats that raise people’s spirits and create a shared community experience.

But Vincent remembers those in need, whether raising money and riding in AIDS LifeCycle, assisting elders needing errands, or feeding our homeless neighbors a warm holiday meal. He selflessly plans, buys, and prepares hundreds of meals in his home to distribute to those who might otherwise go without. We appreciate his caring compassion for those we want to see served. He embodies love and care for our state, the Coachella Valley, our city, and its citizens.

Thank you, Vincent, for your kind and professional service.

Photo of Dan Gore Bloom Compassion Appreciation Award February 2022

Dan Gore Bloom Compassion Appreciation Award February 2022

Every Sunday throughout the year, you will find hundreds of people attending what has become a must-do in Palm Springs, the Sunday T Dance at Oscar’s. The DJ is spinning disco from the heyday of Donna Summer as well as current tracks updated with a disco beat. People are dancing in pairs, groups, alone, and everyone is having a good time.

However, for six years now the owner of Oscar’s opens that same courtyard on Christmas morning for a very different purpose. Dan Gore, backed by a host of volunteers, serves a complete hot breakfast to our unhoused neighbors in Palm Springs. In fact, anyone who is food challenged is welcome: no one is turned away.

Dan says he started providing Christmas morning breakfast his first year owning Oscar’s. He recalled how as a child how fortunate he was to have a home and food on Christmas morning. As an adult he saw how many were not as fortunate and he always knew he wanted to do something about that. Oscar’s gave him that opportunity. Dan closed his restaurant on Christmas for paying customers and opened it for those who couldn’t pay.

The number served has grown each year and this past Christmas morning over 150 of our neighbors enjoyed pancakes, eggs, sausage, potatoes and other sides, all free, all provided by Dan. For some it was their only hot meal of the day.

The Sunday T Dance at Oscar’s is a tradition. So is a free breakfast on Christmas morning at Oscar’s a tradition. This act of compassion is what we recognize Dan for today.

For those blessed with the means, larger donation opportunities still exist. Before today, 27 individuals and couples have donated amounts of $500 to $2,500 to become ‘Producers”, for a total to date of over $18,000. Bloom’s goal for these levels of giving is $23,000; we are so close. Thoughtfully, prayerfully consider making a donation and join these amazing folks who recognized being blessed with the ability to support Bloom. The following options are available: Executive Producer $5000, Associate Producer #2 of 2 $2,500, Justice Advocate $1000, Compassion Advocate $500. To make donations at any of the Producer levels, click the donate button, then scroll to the Spring Up Producer line. Add your amount and description (optional). We are blessed for you even considering this option today.